I not only use the brains that I have, but all I can borrow - Woodrow Wilson.

Integrated Design, Value Engineering and Sustainable Construction are some of the concepts you can find applied at Fashanu Consulting. We are a sustainable design and engineering firm that deliver solutions to create value for your projects.



From London to Singapore, We have designed contemporary and stylish spaces of all sizes. These include extensions, refurbishments, basement conversions and new-builds.


We have extensive experience designing, tendering and managing large commercial projects. Our portfolio includes banks, office tower blocks and shopping malls around the world.


If you have large infrastructure projects, that you would like to invest in Europe, Africa or Asia, we specialise in stakeholder management as well as the construction design and management. 

The concept of sustainable design


We design for the entire life cycle of a building project and offer solutions that not only bring about social and economic benefits but are great for the environment as well. Problems are identified early on in the process and solutions derived so as not to cause delays to the deadlines or further costs to the Client.


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The right management optimises the art of the design.


Project management is a vital part of the process that ensures the right solution is put in at the right time by the right team. It provides clients and other stakeholders with peace of mind and a stress-free build.


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